A Savior Has Been Born, For You!

Dear Brothers and Sisters, God has not left us alone.  He has sent us angels, messengers, and most amazingly he has sent us his Son.  The angels have helped us to prepare for this day, especially what we heard recently when the angel Gabriel visited Mary to announce that she would be the mother of…
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Mary Said, Yes! And So Can You!

Dear Brothers and Sisters: The Church gives us a wonderful gospel for this last Sunday of Advent.  It is the gospel of the Annunciation when it is announced by the Archangel Gabriel to Mary that she will be the Mother of God.  Mary was greatly troubled by this announcement and rightly so. This is the…
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Rejoice, Even When Life Doesn’t Go Your Way

Dear Brothers and Sisters, This is our third week of Advent and the third part of our series on angels, which come as a good reminder as we prepare for Christmas.  I hope and pray that you are developing a relationship with your angel and that he or she is helping you to pray and…
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Console My People

Dear Brothers and Sisters, In our second week of the series on angels we are reminded that angels seem more popular than Jesus himself.  They appear non-threatening and cuddly, majestic and graceful, mysterious and new age-y.  Maybe intelligent people are more likely to dismiss them as myth. Yet angels play a key role in salvation…
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Be Watchful!

Dear Brothers and Sisters, Mark tells us in his gospel this week, and we will hear from him this year, “Stay awake! Be watchful and alert!  You do not know when the time will come.”  Advent is a time of waiting for the Lord; first, in his second Coming and then for his coming to…
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Who Are The Least Brothers Of Mine?

Dear Brothers and Sisters, Today’s solemnity of Christ the King ends the liturgical year and our series on A World Beyond in this month of November.  Matthew (25: 31-46) is the only one who records these words of Jesus Christ about his Second Coming.  Jesus makes a grand entrance reflecting the vision of the prophet…
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The Kingdom Is A Wedding Feast

Dear Brothers and Sisters, In the second week of our series on A World Beyond we ponder the beauty of a wedding feast (Mt. 25: 1-13) where the ten virgins represent Christians waiting for Christ.  He may be slow in coming but they must be watchful and keep their lamps burning.  Jesus’ burning concern for…
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Love Always Seeks The Lowest Places

Dear Brothers and Sisters, We begin a new series for November entitled, A World Beyond.  The Church gathers on Nov. 1st to celebrate all its saints, named and unnamed, and on Nov. 2nd to celebrate and pray for All Souls who have fallen asleep in the Lord since last Nov. 2nd, and to contemplate in this month…
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Christian Love Is Always Triangular

Dear Brothers and Sisters, In the fourth week of our series Wavelength hopefully we are starting to see that it is not easy to change, to think as a Christian and to be on God’s wavelength.  I hope we are all being challenged to direct our thoughts to whatever is true, honorable, just, pure, lovely…
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Awaken That Divine Image Inside Of You!

Dear Brothers and Sisters, This is the third week of our series called Wavelength which means to change our way of thinking to be more Christian, more like God’s.  We cannot control our thoughts but we can re-direct them and feed ourselves with more healthy thoughts.  How much effort we put into what we eat…
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