I Will Make You A Light To Those In Darkness

Dear Brothers and Sisters, We have the opportunity to celebrate the birth of John the Baptist this weekend, which not by chance is one of the longest days of the year.  Even in the timing of John’s birth the length of days is saying, “I must decrease and you must increase.”  He said this in…
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Our Mission Is To Sow The Seed

Brothers and Sisters: The works of God always start small, are likely to be overlooked and even scorned and therefore the person must have a great desire for knowing Jesus Christ and great patience. The first parable we hear today from Mark (4: 26-29) tells about the seed growing by itself.  It is a contrast…
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Half-Truth: God Will Not Give You More Than You Can Handle

Dear Brothers and Sisters, Welcome to our fifth and final week of our series Half-Truth. We may do a few short series over the summer so please stay with us.  We are going to shift gears a bit this week and not speak about one of the basics of our faith but something you may…
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Half-Truth: The Eucharist Is Only A Symbol

Dear Brothers and Sisters, This week for the feast of Corpus Christi we wanted to take a look not at a half-truth that exists in society but one that exists among Christians.  Perhaps you never gave much thought to what the Church teaches concerning the Body and Blood of Christ and for this reason this…
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Half-Truth: All Religions Are The Same

Dear Brothers and Sisters, I hope you are enjoying our series on Half Truth; I find it fascinating and very current with the questions people ask today.  I also pray you will like the closeness of our worship space and that you will continue to worship with us even in the aduditorium.  In some ways,…
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It’s The Church That Makes Us One

Dear Brothers and Sisters, This is our second week on our series called Half-Truth.  We were saying last week that half-truths have some element of truth in them, but not completely.  If we buy into these half-truths of the culture then we find ourselves in a place where we don’t want to be. Last week…
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Half-Truth: There Are Many Ways To God & It Does Not Matter Which One

Dear Brothers and Sisters, We are starting a new series today called Half-Truth.  Over the next five weeks we are going to look at some popular beliefs in our culture that are half-true.  They are somewhat right, but not fully.  They contain an element of truth but in leaving out the rest of the truth…
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He Lifts Us Up To Cleanse Us

Dear Brothers and Sisters, Our church renovation is not about just having a prettier church and more efficient building but about the vision we have as a church to be a community of communities where we can have a personal friendship with Christ, and help many others to do the same.  We want to go…
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This Man Stands Before You Healed

Dear Brothers and Sisters, It is our fourth week in our series called Vision.  And we are aiming to paint a vision of where God wants us and our parish to be over the next several years.  I have a vision and I want to make sure we all have the same vision of where…
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In The Name Of Jesus Christ I Say To You: Rise and Walk!

Dear Brothers and Sisters, This is the third week of Easter and we have been saying that without the resurrection we would be only social workers or do-gooders, but not able to overcome the deaths of life.  This is the vision that God has for us and it would be a shame to miss it. …
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