He Comes To You Even If Your Doors Are Locked

Dear Brothers and Sisters, We are here eight days after the Resurrection, and I don’t know how you are at this point. Perhaps, you are like the disciples shut in and locked up with fear or have you been able to rejoice after living the Passover (Easter) well. I am sure some have lived it…
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Allow The Lord To Love You!

Dear Brothers and Sisters, Tonight is a holy night. And why is this night holy because you will be more holy. This night makes you more holy. And what does it mean to be more holy? To be good, to be more successful, wiser, but this is not holiness. What is holiness? To allow Christ…
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The Master Has Need Of You!

Dear Brothers and Sisters, This Word today is the Passion of Jesus Christ; the red liturgical color is passionate, bright, beautiful and attracts attention. The Passion of Jesus Christ shows by far the greatest love that the Lord has for you. The readings manifest that love. To love passionately is to love with all your…
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Who Is The Grain Of Wheat?

Dear Brothers and Sisters, The Easter Vigil and celebration is already in sight, and this is a wonderful opportunity for us to have an experience of the resurrection. In order to do that it is crucial that we clearly see the deaths, the sufferings that encircle us today. For how can we celebrate the resurrection…
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There’s An Antidote To The Poison

Dear Brothers and Sisters, Today’s gospel is getting us into Easter and the priests can wear a special color: rose, for the Fourth Sunday of Lent, which is more colorful than purple. This Laetare Sunday is a moment to pause and check the panorama on the way to Easter. I never stop at the “scenic…
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He Made Your Temple

Dear Brothers and Sisters, Christ knows what is inside each one of us, which is a perfect summary of today’s gospel. You and I may not know what is inside of us, but he does. He knows because he made your temple. The temple in Jerusalem was full of business, selling animals of all kinds,…
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Jesus Took Them, On Their Own By Themselves, Up A High Mountain

Dear Brothers and Sisters, I love the way the gospel ends as the disciples were discussing what rising from the dead meant. You can imagine the conversation, what does he mean, is he going to die? Wait, who is going to die? Him? No way, how can he die, what would happen to us? What…
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The Kingdom Is At Hand

Dear Brothers and Sisters, This is a wonderful word because it is what the Lord wants to do with us. He wants to dwell in you and in me. The gospel ends with a spectacular phrase: the time is fulfilled, and the kingdom of God is at hand. This is a prophecy for each one…
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Lord, Only If You Want, Do This For Me

Dear Brothers and Sisters, Leprosy in the Bible is equated to sin. Like leprosy sin separates us from others, forces us to be alone, and makes it difficult to live with others. All of us lepers, since we are all sinners. We are all very selfish, often wrapped up in our own things. If you…
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Tell Christ About Them

Dear Brothers and Sisters, We can see in the gospel the main mission of Jesus Christ which is to preach and to cast out demons. This is his main work as the Messiah. He preaches whenever he goes to a synagogue and all over Galilee, he casts out demons. He is still in the town…
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