The Lord Is My Shepherd So You Want From Nothing?

Dear Brothers and Sisters, We celebrate the Solemnity of Christ the King which was meant as a reminder that communism or fascism or materialism was not or ought not to be king of our lives. But then why all these readings about sheep and goats? Our king is a shepherd king and it poses the…
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It Could Have Been Gaining Interest!

Dear Brothers and Sisters, Today’s gospel is wonderful, and it gives me a lot of joy.  But first we must clarify some ideas so that we don’t misunderstand the point of the gospel.  The talents are not the gifts we have received from God, like the ability to sing or to be good at math…
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Her Heart Was Awake

Dear Brothers and Sisters, Once again the gospel is a stupendous good news for us and can help us to enter God’s will.  What is the will of God for us?  That all men be saved so that you be saved, and your spouse be saved, and your children be saved, and your mother-in-law be…
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Be Who God Made You To Be!

Dear Brothers and Sisters, Our Lord calls us to be truthful, to be like him who is the Way, the Truth, and the Life.  We are not able to live in the truth unless we have Christ.  Without Christ, we can often fall into hypocrisy.  The Pharisees know the Law very well, but they don’t…
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You “Will” Love With All Your Heart And Soul And Strength

Dear Brothers and Sisters, Our Lord says that to love is the center piece of Christian life.  It must be the center because God is love and the center of life for a Christian is God.  Perhaps in the light of this word we can be like the Pharisees who approach the Lord with this…
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Who Has The Image Of God?

Dear Brothers and Sisters, Is it lawful to pay taxes even when the money will be spent on abortion of gender ideologies?  Yes, the tax must be paid.  You may say that they are stealing from you, but actually you would be stealing from them if you didn’t pay the tax.  So, you may need…
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What Is This Wedding Garment?

Dear Brothers and Sisters, The Lord calls everyone to this wedding feast which is the kingdom of heaven.  Some want to attend and others made excuses and even killed the servants inviting them.  It is a strong parable for the High Priests, the Pharisees, the scribes, the elders and for all Jewish people.  The  wedding…
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Let Us Kill The Son And Get The Inheritance

Dear Brothers and Sisters, It is a strong word that is full of mercy and love for the people Christ is trying to reach.  The language of the world is filled with hate, violence as we can see in the gospel.  It also includes division, gossip, killing, abuse, and many other evils.  God doesn’t love…
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He Regrets It And Goes

Dear Brothers and Sisters, It is a strong word for the Pharisees, religious leaders, ministers, those who think they are already saints.  They are the ‘good ones’ because they fulfill the Law and have certain functions as scribes and high priest.  They thought that they are good, but then they hear Jesus say that tax…
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Today, The Lord Will Convert Me!

Dear Brothers and Sisters, Today’s gospel is a declaration of love from the Lord to all of us.  There is an anecdote related to this gospel about the desert Fathers in a monastery back in the fourth century.  There was a monk apparently who was not a very good monk, and the others despised him…
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