Give What You Have Back To The World, And Give Who You Are To God

Dear Brothers and Sisters, At Father Flanagan’s Boys Town in Omaha, Nebraska there was a kid who was carrying another one and was asked by a visitor, “Isn’t he heavy?”  His response was. “No, he is not heavy, he is my brother.”  This became the impetus of a song that you and I have heard…
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Put On Christ, And Make No Provisions For The Flesh

Dear Brothers and Sisters, This gospel ought to make us think: what is the Lord preparing for us in heaven, at this wedding, in this banquet?  What could it be that St. Paul says eye has not seen, nor ear has heard what God has prepared for us?  How doo I live my vocation as…
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He Never Tires Of Sending Us Prophets

Dear Brothers and Sisters, In many and various ways God spoke to us through the prophets but in these last days he speaks to us by his Son, said the author of the Letter to the Hebrews.  What we heard today is an allegory, not a parable.  It is a story that has a deeper…
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Our Moral Decisions Define Us

Dear Brothers and Sisters, There is a Jewish story that says teshuva was created before man was created.  Teshuva means the possibility of going back.  God knew that we would make mistakes and teshuva means that we can fix our mistakes and are able to change, and go back.  We get another chance. In Ezekiel’s…
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Is Your Eye Evil?

Dear Brothers and Sisters, Cardinal Ratzinger wrote back in 1968 that the name God revealed to Moses at the sight of the burning bush was completely unique.  The second part of the name was:  I am the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.  At that time in history the gods were always associated with places…
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Mercy Gives Us Life!

Dear Brothers and Sisters, A few years before I entered the seminary, I was in my early forties and a friend said sit down for fifteen minutes and write what God had done for me during my lifetime.  I wrote and wrote and wrote, stopped for a break, and then wrote again.  I was blown…
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Let Us Gather In His Name

Dear Brothers and Sisters, Life sometimes presents to us situations that say: where are you going in life, in your faith, in your marriage or your family.  And a good way to know if you are on the right track is if you reconcile often with the people close to you.  When you feel that…
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Lord, You Tricked Me

Dear Brothers and Sisters, There is a story about a four year old boy who even though he was blind was more alive and enthusiastic about the trees and clouds that he could not see that an older couple who thought there was something wrong with him.  Even being blind he saw better than most. …
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Who Do You Say That I Am?

Dear Brothers and Sisters, Beware of the leaven of the Pharisees Jesus tells his apostles just prior to this gospel of Peter’s profession of faith in Christ.  The leaven of Peter will be given by Christ and his teaching is true and utterly reliable only in as much as he is faithful to Christ.  Two weeks…
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O Woman, Great Is Your Faith!

Dear Brothers and Sisters, If you read the Confesssions of St. Augustine, which you should do as a Christian, you will see that his mother, Monica, also converts.  The Confesssions of St. Augustine was the first autobiography of its kind.  St. Monica’s incessant prayers for her wayward son made her a saint and Augustine became…
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