They Will Keep My Word

Dear Brothers and Sisters, The gospel this week of Easter answers this question that one of the apostles put to Jesus Christ, just before the gospel we hear today.  Why do you manifest yourself to us and not to the others?  What is the answer?  He shows himself to those who have kept his Word. …
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I Give You A New Commandment!

Dear Brothers and Sisters, I was reading about the Fatima recently and I was reminded how the three children were prepared for their visit of Our Lady by a few visits of the Guardian Angel of Portugal.  He spoke with them on these three visits and invited them to pray with him by repeating these…
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What Shepherd Are You Following?

Dear Brothers and Sisters, I recently saw an interview of a young couple in Rome who had a difficult pregnancy many years ago.  The baby was conceived, and the pregnancy started well, but after a few months the skull had not formed correctly, and the doctor’s prognosis was not good. The couple had a great…
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You Can Do It Only If Christ Is Present!

Dear Friends, It’s wonderful to see how the Lord always looks for the apostles.  On the Easter night he came through the doors that were locked and the week after he allowed Thomas to touch his wounds and today, we see him at the shore of the sea of Galilee.  They don’t look for him,…
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Thomas Does Not Want To See Jesus, But To Touch Him!

Dear Brothers and Sisters, I like very much this expression on the first day of the week, Jesus came to the apostles.  He came to them twice on this first day, last week and this week, and their experience with the Risen Lord changed them and made them new men.  On this day they could…
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Do You Choose Barabbas or Christ?

Dear Friends, Our king rides on a donkey.  It is one of the hundreds of predictions of the Messiah, many centuries before Jesus Christ.  Today he took these words to himself.  Imagine a king on a donkey, not on a horse, no one would believe it.  It would have been considered ridiculous. The gospel says…
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Lent Is To Put Yourself In Front Of Christ

Dear Brothers and Sisters, We’re at the door of Easter, one week from Palm Sunday, and we have an opportunity to understand and dismantle a little bit the tendency to be moralistic, legalistic.  We think that to be a Christian means to be good.  There are many people who don’t believe in God who are…
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Sinners Listen!

Dear Brothers and Sisters,  (I don’t think it went out yesterday…) “Your brother was dead and has risen; he was lost and has been found,” is a perfect summary of today’s gospel.  Who is Jesus telling this parable to?  He is speaking to tax collectors and sinners.  And who is listening to him: the publicans…
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He Doesn’t Punish Us!

Dear Brothers and Sisters, There was an article in the paper yesterday by George Weigel about the fiftieth anniversary of a magazine in Lithuania called the Chronicle of the Catholic Church in Lithuania.  It was a simple publication to record the sufferings and events of the Church.  The names priests murdered or sent to the…
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Your Mountain Can Be Transformed

Dear Brothers and Sisters, The disciples are depressed when they hear the news of the impending passion and death of their leader.  So, Jesus takes three of them up to a high mountain.  God always manifest himself on a mountain.  With Moses and the commandments on mount Sinai.   Elijah meets God on the mountain.  Jesus…
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