What Net Are You Trying To Fix?

Dear Brothers and Sisters, The Word on this Word of God Sunday is very precious indeed. There is much similarity between the gospel and the first reading where God sends Jonah a second time to Nineveh. Do you remember the story? Jonah refused to go the first time and gets on a ship and then…
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A Very Silly Animal

Dear Brothers and Sisters, As we heard last week the feast of the Epiphany was the manifestation of Jesus to the world, to the Kings who represented us. Also, the Baptism of Jesus, which was this past Monday, the last day of Christmas, is part of that Epiphany. And Christ is manifested to us today…
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What Is The Star That Guides You Today?

Dear Brothers and Sisters, Epiphany means manifestation, Jesus shows himself, reveals himself to everyone, thanks to that star that is guiding these wise men to Bethlehem. They analyzed the stars which in those days always served as a guide at sea. There was no radar or anything else to guide them, so they used the…
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Mary Is Daughter And Mother Of God

Dear Brothers and Sisters, The Church gives us on this first day of the year the image of Mary as the Mother of God.  She is the Mother of God and also his daughter.  It is a great mystery that Mary being the daughter of God because she is the Mother.  It is an incomprehensible…
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He Listened to the Holy Spirit

Dear Brothers and Sister, On this feast of the Holy Family we can thank God for the family he has given us, even with the warts.  Hopefully, you can see how crucial the family is for becoming a Christian.  The world today is at war against the family and against the figure of the father. …
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God Brings Heaven To You In A Child

Dear Brothers and Sisters, I would like to speak the truth to you rather than giving you pious, pretty words.  I want to give you some really solid, substantial, not something merely emotional or sentimental.  Today, a Messiah is born for you who is the Lord!  I always loved this gospel and this holy night…
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He Is Really with You, Inside of You!

Dear Brothers and Sisters, This Word is fulfilled today in this Eucharist.  The angel Gabriel says to each one of us what he said to the Virgin Mary.  Rejoice, the Lord is with you.  This phrase is beautiful: The Lord is with you; he is in you; he is there inside of you; the Lord…
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He Wants To Be One With You

Dear Brothers and Sisters, On this Gaudete Sunday the Lord tells us to rejoice.  Gaudete is Latin for rejoice or exult because the time of waiting for the Lord is almost over.  All of the readings today have this flavor or joy.  Jesus Christ is coming closer to our lives.  It is a beautiful Sunday…
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We Are In This Desert

Dear Brothers and Sisters, The gospel this Second Sunday of Advent comes to console us.  It comforts me personally and is like a balm in the midst of this Advent season.  This word always comes to help us, and the Lord always comforts us in this way that only he can by loving us.  We…
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A Person Who Owes Nothing Fears Nothing

Dear Brothers and Sisters, Today we begin a new year for all Christians.  On this First Sunday of Advent, a new life begins; the old life is erased.  Our Lord gives us this new beginning and wants to make new men and women of us.  He wants to give us new hearts, with a new…
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