Zeal For Your Soul Consumes Me

Dear Brothers and Sisters, When the Romans celebrated their victory over the Jews and the destruction of the Temple in 70 A.D., they exhibited the contents of the sanctuary in a procession in Rome.  It consisted of the offering bread like the manna in the desert, the menorah and the tablets of the Commandments.  It…
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Why Don’t You Go Up To The Mountain?

Dear Brothers and Sisters, Lent is a training for heaven someone said this week, a training for eternal life.  It’s a different way of thinking of it. To be detached from this world, which is passing and to cling to Christ and the saints which cannot be taken away from us. The mountain is a…
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Jesus Remained In The Desert

Dear Brothers and Sisters, I could not see anything in the gospel a few days ago, and a priest said he was struck by one word: Jesus ‘remained’ in the desert for forty days, tempted by Satan.  Surely he could have said I really don’t need to go through with this, or stopped after the…
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Lord, Only If You Wish It!

Dear Brothers and Sisters, The prayer of the leper moves me a lot in its simplicity and humility: Lord, if you wish, you can make me clean, you can sure me. But only if you wish. It is not a demand or a request. This leper, this sinner only wants to do the will of…
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To Be Cured Means To Serve!

Dear Brothers and Sisters, When Christ is present the demons flee.  There is no question about it.  This is why he said, “For this purpose I have come,”  to preach, and expel demons.  It is automatic.  The same thing happens when the Word of God is announced in church or in your home; the demons…
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Lord, Give Me Your Spirit!

Dear Brothers and Sisters, The gospel promised us last week that Christ will make us fishers of men.  This is especially needed today when people are surrounded by the fear of death. We can help them by loving them.   It is the only way.  Also by the grace of God, by not being afraid ourselves of…
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Love Them!

Dear Brothers and Sisters, Let us not be like Jonah in the sense of what it took for him to convert the first time he was asked to go to Nineveh.  He went in the opposite direction and then got on a boat that went into a storm and he hid in the hull of…
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The Lamb Is Silent!

Dear Brothers and Sisters, The Virgin Mary appeared to fifteen people in Knock, Ireland in 1879.  Most of the people present remember the beauty of the Virgin but did not remember that there was a three month old lamb and Saint John with the Bible on the altar.  The lamb and the bible are a…
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Allow Yourself To Be Loved By God

Dear Brothers and Sisters, The number of people in jail who have Baptism I suspect might be close to eighty percent.  Even in many parishes among those couples who bring their child for Baptism most of them are not married in the Church, more than half and probably close to eighty percent, which does not…
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God Wants To Give Us Something Truly Great!

Dear Brothers and Sisters, It is important to think and reflect that God was really born in a cave and his first bed was a manger. Do you believe this?  Not just intellectually, but do you believe it in your heart.  Then why are we always looking for God in a palace or in a…
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