What Is Heaven Like?

Dear Brothers and Sisters, A priest in Boston made a terrific video on the crisis of fatherhood today and its spiritual ramifications.  This is probably the greatest difficulty in the family today and has enormous consequences for our culture.  The link is below. No dad is perfect but just his presence has a calming impact…
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My Body Is The True Bread Of Life

Dear Brothers and Sisters, One day many years ago, in a little town in Luxembourg, a Captain of the Forest Guards was in deep conversation with the butcher when an elderly woman entered the shop. The butcher broke off the conversation to ask the old woman what she wanted. She had come to beg for…
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Faith Is Having An Experience Of God

Dear Brothers and Sisters, I studied several courses in the seminary, and before as a lay man, on the Holy Trinity.  I can honestly say that I remember almost nothing other than a few basic ideas.  On a retreat earlier this year the organizers gave us a questionnaire on the action of God in our…
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The Sweet Guest Of Your Soul

Dear Brothers and Sisters, Perhaps you know by heart the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit and the twelve fruits, and you can even describe them, but what good is that?  It is good to know them; they are a beautiful promises for us, but much more important is that the ‘sweet guest’ enters your…
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Allow Him To Take You To Heaven!

Dear Brothers and Sisters, Jesus says, “I will be with you always, unto the end of the world.”  He says this to each one of us, and to the whole Church.  We don’t have to be afraid of anything.  The season of Easter is almost over, but for a Christian we are always in Easter…
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I Still Miss My Mom!

Dear Brothers and Sisters, Last week we heard that those who are pruned will bear fruit.  The word for pruned can also mean lifted up.  A vinedresser would lift up the vine and tie it so that it is in the sun and the light and out of the dirt.  God does the same with…
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Remain In Me, Be Connected To Me

Dear Brothers and Sisters, Every human being is always looking to be happy, to find peace and that is why people get married, have kids, work a second job, learn a new language, enter politics or social service, and many other things.  When they see that this happiness does not last usually it is because…
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He Will Carry Us, And Our Sins

Dear Brothers and Sisters, A priest friend of mine was saying that I hope all of us can rest in the Mass this weekend.  He said, when Christ continues to be nailed to the cross, I am at peace.  If, for some reason, I sense that he is no longer attached to the cross, I…
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He Always Accompanies Us, Even When We Wander Away

Dear Brothers and Sisters, The gospel we hear today is the last part of the story of the two disciples who meet Jesus on the road to Emmaus.  They were going in the opposite direction of Galilee where the women who met Jesus told them to go.  They were very sad and depressed about the…
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Have You Seen The Risen Lord?

Dear Brothers and Sisters, We all know what the resurrection is intellectually, although I would like to hear how you explain it.  But not all of you have seen or touched the Risen Lord!  This is the main point of what I want to say today.  You would know when you have seen the Risen…
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