Do You Choose Barabbas or Christ?

Dear Friends, Our king rides on a donkey.  It is one of the hundreds of predictions of the Messiah, many centuries before Jesus Christ.  Today he took these words to himself.  Imagine a king on a donkey, not on a horse, no one would believe it.  It would have been considered ridiculous. The gospel says…
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Lent Is To Put Yourself In Front Of Christ

Dear Brothers and Sisters, We’re at the door of Easter, one week from Palm Sunday, and we have an opportunity to understand and dismantle a little bit the tendency to be moralistic, legalistic.  We think that to be a Christian means to be good.  There are many people who don’t believe in God who are…
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Sinners Listen!

Dear Brothers and Sisters,  (I don’t think it went out yesterday…) “Your brother was dead and has risen; he was lost and has been found,” is a perfect summary of today’s gospel.  Who is Jesus telling this parable to?  He is speaking to tax collectors and sinners.  And who is listening to him: the publicans…
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He Doesn’t Punish Us!

Dear Brothers and Sisters, There was an article in the paper yesterday by George Weigel about the fiftieth anniversary of a magazine in Lithuania called the Chronicle of the Catholic Church in Lithuania.  It was a simple publication to record the sufferings and events of the Church.  The names priests murdered or sent to the…
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Your Mountain Can Be Transformed

Dear Brothers and Sisters, The disciples are depressed when they hear the news of the impending passion and death of their leader.  So, Jesus takes three of them up to a high mountain.  God always manifest himself on a mountain.  With Moses and the commandments on mount Sinai.   Elijah meets God on the mountain.  Jesus…
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Be With Me Lord In Times Of Trouble

Dear Brothers and Sisters, (the website was down yesterday) Lent is a time for engagement with the Lord. To fall in love with him more deeply and to see what’s in our hearts. Often, we are full of misery. If we think we deserve the love of God because we are good and always go…
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Our Deaths Are Swallowed Up By Christ

Dear Brothers and Sisters, I don’t know if you noticed but we have magic doors in our church. I think they exist in a lot of churches. When someone walks in, they appear very happy. They have no judgments against anyone. They are not fighting with their spouse. They had no lustful or murderous thoughts….
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Then You Will Be Children Of God

Dear Friends, If you come here sad today or overwhelmed or anxious about something the Word is perfect for you, especially the psalm: the Lord is kind and merciful. As far as the East is from the West that is as far as he will throw our sins so that we don’t see them. Every…
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You Are The True Winners

Dear Brothers and Sisters, I’ve been to Mount Sinai where the Ten Commandments were delivered to Moses and due to the heat, we climbed it at 2:00 in the morning. It was an awesome experience. I’ve also been to the mountain of the Beatitudes where this gospel was proclaimed and in many other places. Even…
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Go Out Into The Deep

Dear Brothers and Sisters, It’s a beautiful gospel on the calling of the first four disciples, which are two sets of brothers, Peter and Andrew, and James and John. Jesus is the protagonist in this gospel. He enters the boat of one of them and he notices that they have caught nothing the night before…
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