My Delight Is Being With Him!

Dear Brothers and Sisters, Israel was called not just to save herself but to be a light to all the nations as Isaiah says.  The same is true for us.  We are called not just for our own salvation but for the salvation of the world.  Each one of us has a particular role to…
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The Kings Prostrate Themselves Before The True King

Dear Brothers and Sisters, The Kings or Magi represent pagans who are open and searching for the truth.  Two words describe their way of life very well: they saw and they came!  And they came quickly, not to get anything for themselves; they came only to adore the Child.  Probably the journey took many months…
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May His Face Shine Upon You!

Dear Brothers and Sisters, Happy New Year!  It is a beautiful blessing that we hear from Numbers (6: 22-27) on this solemnity of Mary, Mother of God.  The Lord will bless us, and let his face shine upon us, and look kindly and give you peace; he blesses us three times, a hint of the…
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He Takes Mary & Jesus To Himself

Dear Brothers and Sisters, It is a wonder that God chose for the Holy Family this way of weakness and hiddenness to save the world.  They became very vulnerable and it demanded much wisdom and prudence.   Imagine how many boys less than two years old were killed by Herod within days of the gospel we…
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His Own Received Him Not

Dear brothers and sisters, The Lord is here and wants to enter your world a little more.  He wants to speak to you tonight and help you with the things that make you suffer.  Listen well and think about these events that are before us.  A virgin has a child by the power of the…
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Joseph Is Inwardly Watchful

Dear Brothers and Sisters, On this last Sunday of Advent we see how Joseph is open to God and how he is prepared to receive this Good News from him with joy.  He was an inwardly watchful man who was sensitive to the movements of God in his heart.  The message he received is overwhelming…
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John The Baptist Is Eager To Wait

Dear Brothers and Sisters, I am sending it again so that my blog gets updated; pardon the inconvenience. No one pretends to be what he is not in the desert; it is too obvious.  St. James says be patient for the Lord is coming soon.  Also be patient with the difficulties of ordinary life for…
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Silence Helps Us To Hear God

Dear Brothers and Sisters, As we heard last week that the Lord’s house is on the highest mountain and all things shall stream towards it.  Is that true for us?  Is the Lord’s house the highest priority in our life or is it just one of many mountains?  It is a good question to ask…
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A Christian Is One Who Waits For The Lord

Dear Brothers and Sisters, The Christian life is like a permanent Advent.  It is all about keeping vigil and being watchful for the Lord.  He will come like a thief in the night says the gospel (Mt. 24: 37-44).  This aspect of waiting, of expectation is fundamental for us, for all Christians.  The last word…
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He Holds Things Together

Dear Friends, On this final Sunday of the liturgical year we celebrate Christ the King of the Universe.  It is a recent feast started in 1925 to emphasize that Christ is the center of the world not fascism or communism or politics or anything else popular in those days, which brought only death to millions…
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