John The Baptist Saw Something That Changed His Life

Dear Brothers and Sisters, A few years ago, I made my profession of faith in a public way with my community in a large parish.  It was much different from the profession of faith I made before I was ordained a priest.  Then I basically recited the Creed and signed a document.  My recent experience…
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What Star Guides Us Today?

Dear Brothers and Sisters, People today use the expression, ‘I had an epiphany the other day’ when I saw how gifted my life is or how blessed I am with my children or something similar.  The solemnity today is not an epiphany but the Epiphany.  It is a fact, not a feeling.  It is the…
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Mary Ties Things Together

Dear Brothers and Sisters, The first reading on the Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God, is a blessing not of human words but directly from the Father.  He is instructing Moses on how Aaron and his sons should do the blessing: May the Lord bless you and keep you; may his face shine upon you;…
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He Comes To Us In Something Smaller Than A Manger

Dear Brothers and Sisters, Many years ago, a candy maker wanted to show, through the candy he made, that Jesus was born among us, lived, and died to save us all.  So, through the use of color and shape, he created a piece of candy that told the story of Jesus.  He created the candy…
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We Need A Sign To Lead Us To God

Dear Brothers and Sisters, A Jewish marriage is in two parts.  The first is the betrothal when Joseph and Mary are married to one another but do not live together.  This betrothal lasts for one year and can only be broken by a divorce.  It is a time for the couple to test their fidelity…
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Are You Really The One?

Dear Brothers and Sisters, I had the good fortune to attend the opening of the process of the beatification and canonization of Carmen Hernandez last weekend.  She always had the desire to be a missionary in India, but God had something else in mind, as he usually does for all of us.  Mother Cabrini whose…
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The Wolf Lies Down With The Lamb

Dear Friends, Isaiah is telling us that a time will come when our rebellion against God will end. Probably you dont even realize that you are rebelling against him. When the Messiah comes at the end of time or whenever he’s preached reconciliation can begin to happen. That’s why you need to hear this ‘good…
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We Are Not Made For This World

Dear Brothers and Sisters, I was wondering what story could illustrate the main points of the readings on the start of this new liturgical year (the First Sunday of Advent) and then I went to the wake of a three-year-old boy in Queens last night.  It gave me more material than I could have imagined. …
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Lord, Take Me Up

Dear Brothers and Sisters, This time of year reminds me of the holy death of my father who was only 64 years old.  He had been going to daily Mass for about the last ten years of his life and this helped him a lot.  He was surrounded by his five sons; we said the…
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He Will Build You A New Temple

Dear Friends, Many might interpret the gospel to be the end of the world and be screaming in church repent, repent, the end is coming!!  But we know that God is love and prepares everything for us so that we turn to him.  One of the saints said: the most important thing in life is…
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