What Is Your Grave?

Dear Brothers and Sisters, On this Fifth Sunday of Lent we are getting very close to Easter.  Next week is Palm Sunday and then comes Easter Sunday.  So the first reading can help us a lot because God says to us that he will open our graves and take us out of them, and bring…
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A Wise Person Knows He Doesn’t See Everything

Dear Brothers and Sisters, This gospel and the ones we have been hearing in Lent are gospels that were used centuries ago to prepare people for baptism.  Baptism in the early Church was called Enlightenment.  The spreading of mud on the blind man’s eyes was his anointing.  When anointed by Christ one can really see. …
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What Do You Thirst For?

Dear Brothers and Sisters, In the first reading the people of Israel are grumbling against Moses for a lack of water.  Why did you bring us out to this desert so that we could die with our children and our animals?  How is that possible?  It is wonderful how the LORD lowers himself and gives…
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Don’t Be Afraid Of Your High Mountains

Dear Brothers and Sisters, The word we hear today is wonderful.  It is impossible for us to imagine what took place, but the gospel says that Jesus was totally transformed, changed, and changed completely.  And that we are called also to be transfigured.  This is conversion, a 180 degree turn.  If we are going in…
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Why Does He Go To The Desert?

Brothers and Sisters, Jesus is tempted by the devil. Now is fashionable to say that the devil does not exist, even some priests say this.  That believing in him is like a fairy tale.  How great it will be not to have this struggle, but my reality is that we are constantly tempted. And we…
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Do You Look Like The Father?

Dear Brothers and Sisters, I liked very much one of the gospels this week where Jesus takes the blind man aside, leads him out of town and puts some spittle on his eyes.  This is not what he usually does.  And he does the same to us each Sunday; he takes us away from the…
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How Is God Humble?

Dear Brothers and Sisters, This gospel is a word of God’s love for us even if it doesn’t look like it. One characteristic of God that we don’t think about too much is his humility. It’s a human category but it applies to him as well.  He is humble how do we know? Because to…
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Why Are You Here?

Dear Brothers and Sisters, What a beautiful gospel we hear today.  Jesus says you are called to be holy, to be a  saint by your baptism.  This doesn’t mean that you don’t sin, but your deeds of love and reconciliation make God present, they give glory to God.  People who know us realize that we…
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Ten Invitations To Perfect Love

Dear Brothers and Sisters, Sister Anawim used to call me to say the Mass for the Missionaries of Charity in Downtown Newark, a place you do not want to go at night.  It was always a very moving experience since the nuns are so young, from every continent, barefoot, and very pious.  Her name means…
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How Do We Live The Dash?

Dear Brothers and Sisters, A friend once gave me a poem called ‘Dash’.  It spoke of a woman who gave a eulogy for her friend.  She referred to the two dates that were to placed on her tombstone.  First came the date of her birth and then the date of her passing.  They she made…
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