The Kingdom Is A Wedding Feast

Dear Brothers and Sisters, In the second week of our series on A World Beyond we ponder the beauty of a wedding feast (Mt. 25: 1-13) where the ten virgins represent Christians waiting for Christ.  He may be slow in coming but they must be watchful and keep their lamps burning.  Jesus’ burning concern for…
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Love Always Seeks The Lowest Places

Dear Brothers and Sisters, We begin a new series for November entitled, A World Beyond.  The Church gathers on Nov. 1st to celebrate all its saints, named and unnamed, and on Nov. 2nd to celebrate and pray for All Souls who have fallen asleep in the Lord since last Nov. 2nd, and to contemplate in this month…
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Christian Love Is Always Triangular

Dear Brothers and Sisters, In the fourth week of our series Wavelength hopefully we are starting to see that it is not easy to change, to think as a Christian and to be on God’s wavelength.  I hope we are all being challenged to direct our thoughts to whatever is true, honorable, just, pure, lovely…
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Awaken That Divine Image Inside Of You!

Dear Brothers and Sisters, This is the third week of our series called Wavelength which means to change our way of thinking to be more Christian, more like God’s.  We cannot control our thoughts but we can re-direct them and feed ourselves with more healthy thoughts.  How much effort we put into what we eat…
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Everyone Is Invited!

Dear Brothers and Sisters, This week is the second week of the series that we kicked off last week called Wavelength.  We spoke about seeing things from our perspective which is always limited and sometimes incredibly limited.  You and I are convinced that we are right, especially when we are wrong and it is very…
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God’s Ways Are Different From Ours

Dear Friends, We are beginning a new series for this month called Wavelength.  Did you ever have an experience of seeing something clearly and the people around you did not?  Or as a parent or teacher or coach and you tried to get your point across and were not able?  Or you gave advice to…
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Jesus Took The Form Of A Servant!

Dear Brothers and Sisters, As we close out our series on “Who do people think I am” we continue to look at Jesus Christ and our identity flows out of being a follower of Christ.  It is not easy but hopefully this is something that you aspire to do.  To look at this again let…
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His Ways Are Not My Ways!

Dear Friends, This is the third week of our new series: Who Do You Think I Am?  What makes you you is another way to put it. And how you answer this question determines a lot in your life: your actions, relationships and values.  All of this is incomplete and is not the fullness of…
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How Often Must I Forgive?

Dear Brothers and Sisters, I hope you are enthusiastic about our new series at the Sunday Masses this new academic year.  As Pope John Paul II said many times who I am and what am I living for is one of the fundamental questions of life.  This question drives our actions, our relationships and the…
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You Are Mine!

Dear Brothers and Sisters, Welcome back for those who have been away and welcome to our new series called, Who am I?  It is the same question that Jesus asked the people and his disciples two weeks ago: who do people say that I am? Your sense of identity of who you are drives your…
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