This Is My Flesh For The Life Of The World

Dear Brothers and Sisters, Last week we heard that Jesus said to the crowds, and to us, “Come to me!”  You who are hungry and thirsty, you who do not know the meaning of your life, come to me, come and drink and you will read more

Come To Me, Come And Eat!

Dear Brothers and Sisters, Last week Philip thought the answer to the crisis Jesus faced with feeding thousands of people was money.  Andrew saw that the answer was a little boy who had his lunch and was not afraid to give it away.   When you’re read more

Jesus Gives Infinitely More Than Enough

Dear Brothers and Sisters, We continue to see the compassion of God for his people this week in the miracle of Elisha in the first reading (2 Kings 4: 42-44) when his servant feeds a hundred men with twenty barley loaves, and with much left read more

Jesus Sees That They Are Sheep Without A Shepherd

Dear Brothers and Sisters: Last week we heard how Jesus sent his apostles two by two with no money, no bag, nothing.  He sent them out completely disarmed, and we also go out disarmed when we speak sincerely about our lives and what God is read more

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