It Is Not Good For Man To Be Alone

Dear Brothers and Sisters, In the fourth week of our series called STEPS we speak of being engaged in a small group, in a community that will help us to know God and to know ourselves.  It is good timing as we prepare to announce read more

Compare Yourself To Christ, Not To Others

Dear Brothers and Sisters, We spoke of prayer in our second week of STEPS and how according to St. James we may pray incorrectly because we ask for the wrong things, or we ask selfishly.  I sense that a more common mistake is when faced read more

Draw Near To God And He Will Draw Near To You!

Dear Brothers and Sisters, I hope you gave some thought to the STEPS that we announced last week and that you commit yourself in some way to one of them.  Life in the church ought to have a purpose: to deepen my faith, to learn read more

By Losing Your Life For Christ, You Will Gain It

Dear Brothers and Sisters, We know how frustrated it can be to realize the GPS is taking us in the wrong direction especially if we are already late and the weather is bad.  Or in school we are taking courses that make no sense and read more

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