Christ Comes When We Are Needy

Dear Brothers and Sisters, Welcome to this feast which celebrates Christ’s presence among us and his desire to nourish us especially when we are in dark moments. The apostles had just come back from going two by two to announce the gospel and cure the sick.  They had given Jesus an account of what happened…
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God Is One, And Yet Three

Dear Brothers and Sisters, Love is always a mystery as Cardinal Ratzinger wrote years ago.  So to ponder the love of the uncreated, eternal God must therefore be the highest degree of mystery.  And it is good for us to do so today on this feast of Trinity Sunday, which follows the birth of the…
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We Need The Spirit!

Dear Brothers and Sisters, It does not seem by accident that Luke in his first book, the gospel, has the Messiah born in his second chapter and in his second book, the Acts of the Apostles, the Church is born as well in the second chapter.  We celebrate Pentecost today which marks the coming of…
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I Came To Reveal The Name Of God

Dear Brothers and Sisters, I was at the twenty-fifth anniversary of a priest this past week who has been the rector of a missionary seminary for most of those years.  It was impressive what most of the priests and seminarians said about him and how God was acting through him during that time.   It made…
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My Peace I Give To You!

Dear Brothers and Sisters, There is a question that one apostle ask just before the words of the gospel that we hear today (John 14: 23-29) which makes the gospel much more accessible.  He asks the Lord, why are you showing yourself to us and not to the rest of the world?  And Jesus responds…
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Let Us Give Glory To God!

Dear Brothers and Sisters, Welcome everyone to this Eucharist where Christ will speak to us and also feed us.  There have been many Eucharistic miracles in the history of the Church and one of the best ones took place in Lanciano, Italy, an ancient Roman city.  Monks were present in this place since the early…
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You Are In The Father’s Hand

Dear Brothers and Sisters, Last week we heard that moving and somewhat painful three fold question of Jesus to Peter: do you love me?  It must have been a very difficult moment for Peter and in some way for us as well.  Don’t we often act like Peter, in good ways and bad?  So the…
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Let Us Be Fed So We Can Feed Others!

Dear Brothers and Sisters, Seven of the twelve apostles were fishermen as we hear today (John 21: 1-19).  Fishermen have some characteristics that would make them very effective in ministry, in apostolic work with others.  They are very persevering.  They do not give up if the weather is bad; they remain at their task.  They…
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The Gospel Of Mercy

Dear Brothers and Sisters, On this Solemnity of Divine Mercy Sunday let us consider St. Faustina who was one of the greatest mystics of our time.  She was the third of ten children who lived in Poland in between two world wars and had a deep piety and willingness to sacrifice for God even as…
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It Is A Love Stronger Than Death

Dear Brothers and Sisters: Last night the Easter vigil Mass at 8 PM started in darkness as it does all over the world and is broken by the light of Christ in the Easter candle.  It made me think that often we need to be in darkness to see Christ; he shines more brilliantly that…
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