O Woman, How Beautiful Are You!

Dear Brothers and Sisters, The Canaanite woman is a goy, a pagan, who leaves her land and her people and encounters Jesus Christ who heads north into Lebanon.  Their encounter is arranged by our Father (Matthew 15: 21-28).  No power on earth can stop them.  read more

Look At The Lord, Not At Yourself!

Dear Brothers and Sisters: After dismissing the crowd of five thousand whom Jesus fed, he does not go on the boat with his disciples.  Before doing so he escapes to “the mountain” in order to be with his Father.  The day that began for him read more

Jesus Alone Is Enough For Me!

Jesus takes Peter, James and John up to a mountain to pray and to witness the glory of God in today’s gospel (Matthew 17: 1-9).  The apostles are devastated by the news that Jesus has to suffer and die and the Lord shows them the read more

A True Disciples Is A “Little One”

Dear Friends, Jesus continues with his discourse to the apostles and disciples before they go out two by two to preach the gospel (Matthew 10: 37- 42).  He says some very beautiful and strong things to them.  First of all, he says, “Follow behind me,” read more

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