Our Mission Is To Sow The Seed

Brothers and Sisters: The works of God always start small, are likely to be overlooked and even scorned and therefore the person must have a great desire for knowing Jesus Christ and great patience. The first parable we hear today from Mark (4: 26-29) tells read more

Half-Truth: God Will Not Give You More Than You Can Handle

Dear Brothers and Sisters, Welcome to our fifth and final week of our series Half-Truth. We may do a few short series over the summer so please stay with us.  We are going to shift gears a bit this week and not speak about one read more

Half-Truth: The Eucharist Is Only A Symbol

Dear Brothers and Sisters, This week for the feast of Corpus Christi we wanted to take a look not at a half-truth that exists in society but one that exists among Christians.  Perhaps you never gave much thought to what the Church teaches concerning the read more

Half-Truth: All Religions Are The Same

Dear Brothers and Sisters, I hope you are enjoying our series on Half Truth; I find it fascinating and very current with the questions people ask today.  I also pray you will like the closeness of our worship space and that you will continue to read more

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