God Is Seeking That Precious Thing In You

Dear Brothers and Sisters, I hope the Transfiguration of Christ last week helped all of us to see the aim of Lent, which is to experience more deeply the resurrection. And also to look up and see what God is preparing for all of us. We hear this week that often we think that the…
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There Is Another Place More Beautiful Than Here

Dear Brothers and Sisters, Twins, a brother and sister, were talking to each other in the womb.  The little sister said, “There is life after birth.”  And her brother protested saying, “no, no it is impossible; this is all there is.”  But the little girl insisted: “There must be something more than this place where…
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What Is Your Discipline For Lent?

Dear Brothers and Sisters, The gospel prior to the temptations of Christ in the desert was his Baptism in the Jordan where he heard the voice of the Father saying, this is my beloved Son, listen to him.  After a high time like that Jesus enters a hard time (Luke 4: 1-23).  The same thing…
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A Good Tree Bears Good Fruit

Dear Brothers and Sisters, The Church always seems to tell us to work on yourself before asking those around you to change.  Get your own house in order before you tell others to clean theirs.  Look more deeply at your own situation before you start spending time doing other less important things.  It is very…
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God Became Man

Dear Brothers and Sisters, Last week we heard about the call of Peter and this unusual request that Jesus made: to throw out the nets into the water in the middle of the day.  Peter obeyed even though he thought it was useless and there was a huge catch of fish that filled two boats…
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Allow Jesus To Get In Your Boat

Dear Brothers and Sisters, The crowds always followed Christ and pressed upon him so much so that he had to stand in a boat to preach.  We ought to use our imagination to think of ourselves as being part of that crowd.  What must it have been like to listen to him, to see his…
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Like Clay In The Hands Of The Potter

Dear Brothers and Sisters, God wants to help you today and has a word for each one of us.  The Lord tells Jeremiah, and us, today that I formed you, I created you, I made you like a potter does with his clay.  I know you, not just intellectually, but I know you personally.  I…
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He Came To Bring Joy To You!

Dear Brothers and Sisters, It may appear to others who don’t know us so well that we look good on the outside: attractive, well dressed, articulate, friendly families, etc.  But we know the truth is that often it is more complicated.  Each of us has many problems, manias and jealousies, etc.  It is good that…
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It’s A Miracle That Brings Joy

Dear Brothers and Sisters, We saw the homage of the Kings two weeks ago and their un-practical gifts that honored the Child Jesus and who he is: a king, God, and one who would die for us.  We saw that the Magi were in search of some kind of meaning in their lives even thought…
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Christ Comes Down To Our Level

Dear Brothers and Sisters, At a recent talk that Fr. Cantalamessa (who is the preacher of the Papal Household) gave at the Seminary last week he mentioned that when a baby is baptized in danger of death and survives the child is brought back to the church not to be baptized again but to receive…
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