Christ Died For Me

Dear Brothers and Sisters: Last week we heard that Paul was called by God before he was born for a mission of service to the Church and especially to the gentiles. The gospel Paul preached was not from man, but from God and God’s call read more

The Gospel Preached By Me Is Not Of Human Origin

Dear Brothers and Sisters: When I told my mother that I was accepted to the seminary for the Archdiocese of Newark sixteen years ago she said, ‘I always knew you would be a priest; I felt it the first time I held you.’ Moms can read more

The More He Gives Out The More There Is

Dear Brothers and Sisters, This gospel of the multiplication of the loaves and fish help us to see how the Lord continues to feed and nourish us, as he did throughout the Easter Season.  This miracle is recorded in all four gospels and shows us read more

Spend Time At The Door Of Wisdom

Dear Brothers and Sisters, Perhaps you and I have an idea of a perfect friend that will always be there for you and somehow this person never materializes in our lives.   Wisdom is that person, or could be.  Wisdom is a gift from God which read more

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