Martha Has Chosen The Best Part

Dear Brothers and Sisters: Two weeks ago we heard about what makes a Christian rejoice? The seventy-two disciples showed us that when the announced the Kingdom of God they were very happy. Last week the gospel asked when should a Christian stop or pause in read more

Who Is My Neighbor?

Dear Brothers and Sisters: Last week we heard what makes a disciple or a Christian rejoice: it is to announce the Gospel, to speak to others of God. Maybe this couple who were tragically killed in our parish could have been saved and their three read more

Let Us Boast In The Cross of Christ

Dear Brothers and Sisters, Five weeks ago St. Paul said the gospel that he preached is not his own; it is from God. He was called to do so in his mother’s womb, and his call was a service for the Church. Every Christian is read more

Only Christ Will Set You Free

Dear Brothers and Sisters, It is ‘for’ freedom that Christ has set us free. So that you are no longer a slave to your self or to others, you are self-possessed, and in the face of difficulties you are at peace. You are free to read more

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