The Word Made Flesh Is Real Food!

Dear Brothers and Sisters: Today we celebrate this great Solemnity of Corpus Christ to honor the incredible mystery of the Holy Eucharist.  As usual the Old Testament can help us by preparing us for the Messiah and his saving work.  The forty years the Jews read more

Pentecost Reverses the Pride of Babel

Dear Brothers and Sisters: We celebrate the great feast of Pentecost today and we close the Easter season.  This feast leads us to reflect again on the Church’s missionary spirit.  Pentecost was a Jewish agricultural feast to give thanks for the first fruits of the read more

Go And Make Disciples of All Nations!

Dear Brothers and Sisters, We continue with the missionary theme of St. Peter from last week: always be ready to give an answer for the hope you have inside of you.  Do it with reverence and grace, but do it.  The Church is always missionary read more

He Will Not Leave You Alone

Dear Brothers and Sisters: The gospel for this Sixth Sunday of Easter (John 14:15-21) is a continuation of Jesus’ farewell address to the disciples that we heard last week.  This was the discourse he gave the night before he died.  Jesus is reminding his disciples read more

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