This Man Stands Before You Healed

Dear Brothers and Sisters, It is our fourth week in our series called Vision.  And we are aiming to paint a vision of where God wants us and our parish to be over the next several years.  I have a vision and I want to read more

In The Name Of Jesus Christ I Say To You: Rise and Walk!

Dear Brothers and Sisters, This is the third week of Easter and we have been saying that without the resurrection we would be only social workers or do-gooders, but not able to overcome the deaths of life.  This is the vision that God has for read more

So That You May Believe

Dear Brothers and Sisters, Christ has Risen!  Truly Risen! This is the greeting of Eastern Christians for this wonderful Season of Easter, as we were saying last week to everyone and especially those who had come perhaps for the first time in a while.   Christ read more

He’s A Different Kind Of King

Dear Brothers and Sisters: Lent we have been saying these past five weeks is a time to see the face of God, to understand better who he is and how he works in our life.  Starting with Palm Sunday we, hopefully, continue to walk with read more

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