When We Are Loved, We Can Love

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

There is a profound yearning in us for Jesus Christ, for eternal life and we easily drown it out with our plans and the struggles of life. We were made for God and this is what our heart deeply seeks.

Jesus sees the needs of the people in the gospel and the disciples have no clue.  The deeper meaning of the gospel shows how the Lord is helping them to change, to love and serve others.

When we don’t speak about others behind their back, we are loving them. When we don’t retaliate in the face of an injustice, this is an act of love. They become contagious, like links in a chain. When one goes to their father and asks his forgiveness for judging him for leaving the family, this gives him life. When we are loved, we can love, and the bread is multiplied, and many are fed.

We see that the miracle of the multiplication of the loaves and two fish is done through the hands of the apostles. And what do they get in return? Each one gets a basket filled with food.  They are totally taken care of; they are.given all they need.

Jesus only asks the people to sit down and recline. They only have to be open to his words. We need only to be open to the priests and catechists and prophets God has sent us. Be open and desire to have this bread, which is eternal life. When we have this life, nothing can bother us: persecution, rejection, sickness, etc. We can be like the martyrs who went to their death singing. This is only possible if Christ lives in us.



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