They Did Not Have A Shepherd

Dear Friends,

The Lord notices and has compassion on the people. He is truly the good shepherd looking out for us.  The Lord is my shepherd, there is nothing I shall want.  Is that true for you and me?  If he is really my shepherd then I am perfectly fulfilled with him, and only him. But then why do we follow other shepherds, like the shepherd of money, the shepherd of affections, of vanity, of a bigger house, or better job?  Don’t we follow these kind of shepherds, even everyday?  Deep down we know that these shepherds cannot give us life; they don’t love us; they cannot lead us into green pastures.  Jesus Christ is the only Good Shepherd!!

Christ has compassion on the crowds: he suffers with his people. Com-passion means to suffer with. He unites our suffering with his, and it is not so heavy because he carries it for us. Other pastors may say go ahead do what whatever you like, no problem. When we return bleeding, where are they?  With the good shepherd even when we do stupid things, he waits for us. Like the father who waited for his prodigal son. He is truly the good shepherd. Have you discovered this?  Often we are like goats when we act without any concern or thought for God.  When we are arrogant or proud, living for ourselves, we are like goats. Consider how much he forgives us and loves us even when you act in this way.
Hopefully, at moments you realize that you always have his love; this is truly an experience of God’s forgiveness, of his presence in our life. He’s making you into a new man or a new woman.  Let’s have to desire to leave our sins, to desire to forgive,  to desire to be generous.  If you truly seek this, he will give you his Holy Spirit.

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