Don’t You Remember?

Easter Sunday, 2016 My mother, who has had dementia for the last ten years, used to drive me crazy with repeated questions every minute, and many other unusual things that happen to people who suffer from this disease. Now I am lucky if she says a word or two over the course of a few…
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The Master Has Need Of It

I had the good fortune to make a silent retreat at the Trappist Monastery in Genesee, NY two weeks ago.  It was wonderful to live the hours of the Divine Office with the monks punctuated throughout the night and day, and in the beautiful setting of their monastery on 1,200 acres of land, with spring…
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He Was Dead And Has Come To Life

Dear Brothers and Sisters: The mission of the Church is to be a sign of love and unity to others, to be and to make disciples of all the nations.  If the Church is not missionary it will die. In the fifteenth chapter of Luke there are three stories: the lost sheep, the lost coin,…
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I Am Not The Right Guy

Dear Brothers and Sisters, We continue to take a look at why we do things, why does the Church exist, and why do you come to church? It is an important question that people may never reflect today. Jesus tells us very clearly that the mission of the Church is to go and make disciples….
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Let Jesus Into Your Boat

Dear Brothers and Sisters, This Sunday is the last week of the series on the story of our lives and the last week before Lent.  I encourage you to spend some time praying about what God has done for you and how important your life is when you follow Jesus Christ, and live in his…
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Do Not Be Sad, Rejoice In The Lord, Your Strength

Dear Brothers and Sisters, We hear today the beginning of Luke’s story, his gospel, as recorded by witnesses, which is written with great beauty and strength.  Stories as we have been saying the last few weeks inspire us, influence us and can change us.  We need to slow down and take a look at our…
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With You I am Well Pleased

Baptism of the Lord, January 10, 2016 I started last week to do a series on Our Life Story.  A story is a recounting of an event that teaches, inspires, and can even change us.  Our lives are stories and perhaps we never slowed down to see our story and to reflect upon it. Our…
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The Holy Family of Jesus, Mary and Joseph

When Mary and Joseph find Jesus in the Temple (Luke 2: 41-52) after looking for him for three days he says to them, ‘Did you not know that I must be about my Father’s affairs?’  ‘Didn’t you know that I would be in my Father’s house, teaching his people?’  He claims a relationship with God…
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A Child is Born for You

Christmas Day December 25, 2015 Luke 2:1-14 says that Joseph was called by the census to the city of David called Bethlehem since he was of the family of David.  While they were there the time for the birth of Mary’s son, Jesus, came.  She wrapped him in swaddling clothes and laid him in a…
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How is it that the Mother of my Lord Comes to me?

Dear Brothers and Sisters: On this Fourth Sunday of Advent Luke reminds us of the simplicity of Mary and Elizabeth.  It is good to ponder this habit of simplicity, to be free from complications, from putting on airs.  Especially as everything is accelerating before Christmas it is important to be simple and to pray, waiting…
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