For infants and children under 8 years of age. Parent(s) needs to register and speak with a priest. They and their godparents are required to attend two meetings prior to the Baptism, normally held on Thursdays at 7 PM prior to the Baptism. For children 8 or over please contact the Faith Formation office.

Baptisms are usually on the fourth Sunday of the month at 1 PM, following the Noon Mass. At least one godparent needs to be a practicing Catholic, single or married in the Catholic Church and have all their sacraments.

First Communion

Children need two years of preparation for this sacrament, normally starting in first grade, but can be later. Parents are required to attend Sunday Mass regularly and attend all preparation meetings prior to the First Communion. The Communion celebrations are always in May. Parents are given a choice of date and time for their Communion Mass. The dates are made available in the Fall.

First Penance

Is normally a month before the First Communion so that children and their families see the connection between penance and the ability to receive the Lord with a clean heart. The requirements are Sunday Mass attendance and special meetings when required. Children and parents need to participate in “Jesus Day” usually in Feb. or Mar, which is a half day preparation for First Penance.


Young men and women who have completed the 7th grade of Faith Formation are invited to begin preparation for Confirmation in 8th grade, which continues into 9th grade. The preparation for Confirmation consists in meetings, service hours, and retreats.  Confirmation is normally in the fall of a candidate’s freshman year depending upon their readiness.