Congratulations on your engagement!

The Bible describes God’s plan for marriage as a grace for a happy life and sign of Christ’s faithful and fruitful love for his Bride, the Church. At St. Joe’s we are excited for you to grow in this love and understanding.

This is one of the most exciting (and hectic) seasons in your life. Let us help you get ready for more than just the wedding day.


Marriage Preparation

Taken from Genesis 2:24, “A man shall leave his mother and father and be joined to his wife, and they shall become one flesh.” Our MarriedLife course starts in early October on Fridays at 8 PM and continues for several weeks. We take this preparation very seriously and like to give couples plenty of time to think seriously about this next step in their lives.  There are two very wise & experienced couples who work with the priest in presenting God’s vision of this great Sacrament.  They speak from their lived experience and from the wisdom of the Church. Contact the parish office to make an appointment with one of the priests.  To register, please call the office.




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