Marriage and Family Life is a Calling

Dear Brothers and Sisters: Recovering from the trip of Pope Francis we have a chance to reflect a bit more on some of the things he said about the family, especially since it relates so much to our readings this week which are about the read more

These Are Prophetic Times

Dear Brothers and Sisters: Surely we have seen a prophet in our midst with Pope Francis last week. How blessed we are to have prophetic figures leading our Church over the last fifty years or more: Pope Benedict, Saint John Paul II, Blessed Paul VI read more

Can That Kind of Faith Save Him?

Dear Brothers and Sisters: My father was diagnosed with cancer in 1993 on the 4th of July weekend and by the end of October he was dead. It was a beautiful death in many ways, surrounded by his wife and five sons; it was a supernatural read more

Ephphatha, Be Open

Dear Brothers and Sisters: We heard last week from the Letter of St. James, ‘Be doers of the Word, not just listeners, otherwise you are deluding yourselves. Humbly welcome the Word of God for it can save your souls.’  What beautiful and strong words does read more

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