What Is Heaven Like?

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

A priest in Boston made a terrific video on the crisis of fatherhood today and its spiritual ramifications.  This is probably the greatest difficulty in the family today and has enormous consequences for our culture.  The link is below.

No dad is perfect but just his presence has a calming impact on the family.  And many do the best that they can.  In the video a young man whose father had left the house when he was eight led him to do many stupid things, including becoming a father as a teen-ager.  He realized that he was in no way ready for this responsibility and perhaps it softened his heart in the anger he had with his own father.  Later on in life he was asked what will heaven feel like; he responded, “It think it will feel like the part of my life when I asked my father for forgiveness.”

I was very afraid of my dad when I was young since he was the disciplinarian of the house and worked so much that we hardly saw him.  I was also not very athletic at that point, which didn’t help the relationship. Years later, I remember when he took his three oldest sons to have a beer over Thanksgiving break and this helped me a lot to see that he really cared for us, and wasn’t as bad as I made him out to be.

God allows difficulties in life and most of them are within the family.  Could it be that he allows them with the hope that we will find our true Father in him, or that the Church and the Virgin Mary is our true Mother?   When these waves, wind and storms rise up in life they may help us to see that our faith is weak.  If we hear someone speak badly about us, the storm surges.  And what should we do?  Call out to Jesus Christ!  Call him loudly, wake him up.  He is always with us but he could be sleeping because we don’t speak to him or acknowledge him.  Be like the disciples who woke him and were very anxious about their situation.  He has this power to calm even the wind and the sea, and everything that affects us.

We say in the Mass, behold the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world.  We don’t say the sins of the world, but the sin. Which one?  That we live for ourself many times and we have been created to love.  Not to be loved, but to love!  To live for yourself is a real death; it kills us.  Love is what gives us joy, peace, patience, kindness.  Let us call out to Christ much more often when the storms of life surge and overwhelm us.

The link for the video on Fatherhood: https://youtu.be/GFc1Er6qP1c

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