He Wants To Give You The Best Wine!

Dear Brothers and Sister,
It’s quite a remarkable miracle to change water into wine. I have tried it a few times and nothing happens; I am better at changing wine into the Body and Blood of Christ. Jesus changes water into something that’s totally opposite. Wine has a color and water doesn’t. Wine has a smell, various ones, and water does not. Wine has a taste and water unless it’s rancid has no taste. This shows that God can transform us into something opposite of what we are.
It means that God can change the heart of a thief to be an honest person. He can change a lustful man into been to a chaste one. He can change the miser into a man of great generosity. They cannot do this on their own, but God can.
Mary says two things in this gospel and it’s the only words spoken by her in the whole gospel of John. She notices that they have no wine no wine and what an embarrassment this would be. In those days the wedding lasted for seven days so to run out of wine would be a huge disgrace, a disaster. Wine, especially at a wedding, was a sign of joy, of peace, of laughter. Water in this gospel is a sign of our sins, of our weaknesses, of our inability to love.
It’s beautiful how there is no demands in this gospel. It is not moralistic. Jesus doesn’t ask anything. His only request is to the servants to fill the jar’s the jars with water. Often, we say that we want to love the other person, my spouse, my child, my mother but we cannot. This is the very point of the gospel: that we want to but we are filled with water and we have no wine, no joy, no peace.
When does the miracle happen? The miracle happens when the jars are filled with water. So, the miracle in our life will happen when you and I see that we have no wine the water is up to our neck. When in the gospel of the prodigal son does the son have an experience of this wine? When he gets the inheritance or when he leaves his father? The only time he has joy is when his father has a feast for him. This is when he knows that his father loves him even when he was eating the food of the animals. His father always loved him, but he never realized it.
What is the mission of Christ? He came to announce the Good News to those in need. He came to save all of us. You want to love, you want to forgive, you want to be generous, but you’re not able; you’re not able because you have no wine. You don’t have the Spirit. Christ is the one who makes this possible. And he doesn’t just give you any kind of wine. He gives us the best of wine. And not just a couple of bottles the bottles but 180 gallons, yeah, a huge amount
If you see that your job is not good for your life of faith, or for your family that it makes it difficult for you to be a Christian, leave it. The Lord will give you a job 100 times better. Trust in him. He is extraordinarily generous and good he will give you only what’s best for you. With Christ it is possible to love, and to love a lot. This wine is the blood of Christ of Christ that cleanses us, that saves us, that cures us. When you see that you have no joy, no energy, no wine, call out to the Lord or to the Virgin Mary. She noticed that they had no wine and through her intercession she gave them a marvelous miracle. She will do the same for you and for me.

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