But I Love Everyone!

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Jesus Christ returns to Nazareth and also symbolically comes to our land, to our country, to our world.  How many times has he come to us when we were in crisis and could not understand the meaning of life or of our suffering?  How often he was present in our history, in our difficulties?  He was there so many times.  And yet how easy it is for us to murmur when he comes or when someone who represents him comes: a catechist, a priest, a friend or advisor.  We should sound an alarm when we grumble in those moments.  We are just like the people of Nazareth.  They are comfortable and want to be left alone.

When we cut with the people who serve as prophets in our life, faith dries up.  Maybe you like to see physical miracles, the blind see, the lame walk, lepers are cleansed.  But the greatest of all miracles is that we can love.  But when we murmur against the people God sends to help us, we cannot love.  And you might say, but I love everyone.  How about the one who spoke badly about you?  Can you love him?  So, beware when we complain about the priest, or the friend who advises you because in the end you complain against God.  Then it is impossible for you to love, especially to love the enemy, which is the only sign that you are really a Christian.  Even the pagans love their friends, but a Christian loves the one who betrays him.  This is only possible if we are connected with Christ, through the community he gave us here on earth.

Happy Fourth of July weekend to you and your family!

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