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Come and listen to the “joyful noise” being made by St. Joe’s Music Ministry! We are happy in our service to our community and our God, and blessed countless times over by our fellowship with each other. Many changes have been made in the last 18 months, including our new Director of Music Diana Belkowski.

Our Adult choir is comprised of a very dedicated group of people. Some are professional and very-experienced musicians, others are volunteers who don’t even read music.  All are welcome. Come join us!   We have begun a Children’s Choir, which provided beautiful music (including bongos!) at the Christmas Eve Family Mass,  and also an “adult contemporary” Sunday noon mass in a more “praise & worship” style.

We have purchased new Gather 3rd Edition hymn books, which now greatly supplement our old Breaking Bread hymnals, providing a much wider choice of music and many more current songs and mass settings familiar to a younger generation.

We are training new cantors to lead the church in its song of prayer, and welcome anyone interested to come forward.  Youth who are skilled at an instrument (intermediate level and up) may also inquire about playing. At this time we are also looking for someone who could help with music for Children’s Church (guitarist / singer) at Sunday’s 10am mass.

If you are interested in being a part of this very rewarding and vital church ministry, please see Diana after any mass or contact her at


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