Parishioners are invited to register and to ask for regular envelopes to be sent to them to support the parish facility and programs.

Electronic giving is available through or by calling 800-950-9952. ParishPay has been acquired by a new company and is called We Share.

Those who wish can also set up an ACH donation to come directly from their bank, weekly or monthly, and many use this method of supporting the continual work at our parish.

Click Here For The Banking Form

The local banks also support St. Joseph’s.  Boiling Spring Community Alliance Program (CAP) pays a quarterly donation to the parish based on the average balance of members’ designated accounts at Boiling Springs.  No minimum is required and no funds are withdrawn (or information) from the participant’s accounts. Request an enrollment form (link to it) and our program number is 0242.  Over $1,600 is contributed each quarter to St. Joe’s.