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  • Mystery, Manners, and the Rediscovery of Great Literature May 20, 2019
    Several years ago, Bob Dylan was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature. While many, including Dylan himself, found it a bit odd to honor a folk singer with the premier prize for literature, there it was. After a curious gap between the committee’s breathless announcement and Dylan’s reluctant acceptance, the seventy-five-year-old artist reflected on just […]
  • “Why the Water Came”: An Interview with Fr. Connor Danstrom May 17, 2019
    Fr. Connor Danstrom is a Catholic priest who currently serves as the Chaplain and Director of the St. John Paul II Newman Center at the University of Illinois in Chicago. He is also an incredibly talented musician and songwriter. Jared Zimmerer sat down with Fr. Connor to discuss his latest album, Why the Water Came. […]
  • “Listen” and “Remember”: A Father’s Plea, A Child’s Prompt May 16, 2019
    Any Benedictine will tell you that the Rule of Saint Benedict is intriguing from the very first word of its prologue, “Listen.” Listen, my son, to your master’s precepts, and incline the ear of your heart. In fact, what most Benedictines will tell you is that it is the very first word of the Rule […]
  • “At the Offertory, Therefore . . .” May 15, 2019
    On Friday, a seminarian I know texted me a photo of a page from Ven. Archbishop Fulton Sheen’s A Priest Is Not His Own, and said beneath it, “I thought you’d like that.” My God yes. Sheen was describing to priests, as celebrants of the Mass, the meaning of the Offertory. The offering of gifts […]
  • Antonio Cuipa and Companions May 14, 2019
    The attack came without warning. British Colonel James Moore along with fifty English troops and fifteen hundred Creek Indian mercenaries sacked the Spanish mission of La Concepcion de Ayubale with a ferocity that could only be born from vengeance. Tensions had flared since the failed siege of Castillo de San Marco in 1702, and now the […]
  • Mary’s Motherly Fiat May 13, 2019
    The Redeemer was given to us through a mother, the Mother. It is appropriate that Mother’s Day would be celebrated within the Marian month of May as her fiat orients the fiat of mankind and especially that of woman. I am blessed to have my own four children that have grown within my womb, but […]
  • Christ, the Good Shepherd May 10, 2019
    Christ the Lord tells us that he is the Good Shepherd. What does this mean? For many, the image of Christ the Shepherd evokes the image of green rolling pastures and a quiet bucolic countryside, free of care and worries. Christ is the Lord of a Christianized version of the Elysium fields, the master of […]
  • Mindful Optimism Is a Danger Worth Dancing With May 9, 2019
    There are times when—all too innocently, because we have not been mindful of what is before us—we give too much license to a dead past that cannot be changed, and then we lose our handle on things. Like the Sorcerer’s Apprentice, we conjure from the ether of our past a solitary-but-sharply-outlined idea, and then suddenly, […]
  • “Ralph Breaks the Internet” and Satan‘s Attacks May 8, 2019
    I’ve always been a sucker for some good slapstick humor (growing up on Ace Ventura and Wayne’s World), and Wreck-it Ralph has been a welcome addition to our children’s movie library. In the Wreck-It Ralph sequel, Ralph Breaks the Internet (spoilers ahead), Venellope’s game Sugar Rush is about to be unplugged. The steering wheel for […]
  • Video Games: A Lesson on the Importance of Aesthetics May 7, 2019
    I recently had the privilege of visiting the J.R.R. Tolkien exhibition at the Morgan Library & Museum in New York City titled “Tolkien: Maker of Middle Earth.” There is much to be said about the exhibit itself, but for the sake of our current topic I would like to focus on an experience I had […]
  • First. Holy. Communion. May 6, 2019
    In they came.  Little girls in pristine white dresses. Hair exquisite with flowing veils. White shoes spotless. Little boys in sports coats, ties, and dress pants. Hair trimmed to perfection. Faces shining from one last scrub. Two by two, they ambled down the central aisle with eyes glowing, palms pressed gently together and a final […]
  • “Counterfeit Christs”: An Interview with Trent Horn May 3, 2019
    Today, Matt Nelson interviews Catholic apologist and author Trent Horn about his new book, Counterfeit Christs: Finding the Real Jesus Among the Imposters.   Congratulations on the release of your new book Counterfeit Christs! Give us a little primer on what it’s about. The book defends the Church’s traditional understanding of Jesus by juxtaposing it […]
  • St. Athanasius Against the World May 2, 2019
    Today we celebrate the Feast of St. Athanasius, a great figure in the Church whose in-your-face sanctity was more than compassion and niceness. St. Athanasius stood boldly and forcefully for the proper understanding of Jesus's divinity so that we might know this Christ who is fully God and fully man. Today, Fr. Steve invites us […]
  • Ite Ad Joseph May 1, 2019
    Ite Ad Joseph. “Go to Joseph.” These were the words of Pharaoh to the people of Egypt during the years of famine (Gen. 41:55). These are the words inscribed at the base of the statue of St. Joseph in front of St. Joseph’s Oratory of Mount Royal. This Oratory was founded by St. André Bessette, […]
  • Is Religion Just a Social Construct? April 30, 2019
    One of the arguments against religion is that it’s a social construction – that is, that religion (particularly, belief in an interventionist or “moralistic” god, meaning a god interested in human affairs and morality) is something invented by society, in order to regulate its citizenry. One of the best arguments in favor of this is […]
  • New Course in the WOFI! “How Nones Misunderstand the Bible” April 29, 2019
    Why is the Bible frequently misinterpreted as immoral, inconsistent, or irrational? Dr. Anthony Pagliarini will address these and many other common misreadings in his NEW Word on Fire Institute course called How Nones Can Misread the Bible, which is now live! This course will identify some of the most common ways that the unreligious misread […]
  • St. Faustina’s “Alter Christocentrism” April 26, 2019
    I’m a big St. Faustina fan, so a few years  ago I decided to read the Diary of Saint Faustina in its entirety. I had read parts of it before, but I wanted to spend some serious time with Faustina. I highly recommend it, and as an encouragement I will share just one insight that I […]
  • Too Woke for Peanut Butter, and the Death of Art April 25, 2019
    Famished after a particularly strenuous session in physical therapy, I sought out the fastest high protein lunch I could put together — a peanut butter and jelly sandwich with a glass of milk. As I smeared the peanut butter onto fresh bread, an old Raffi song popped into my head — a favorite of my kids, […]
  • Saved By a Stick April 24, 2019
    Some people are called to be a good sailor. Some people have a calling to be a good tiller of the land. Some people are called to be a good friend. You have to be the best at whatever you are called at. Whatever you do. It’s about confidence, not arrogance. — Bob Dylan My […]
  • Jared Zimmerer and Dr. Matt Nelson: A Conversation on the Bible April 23, 2019
    In light of the upcoming release of the brand new course in the Word on Fire Institute, “How ‘Nones’ Misread the Bible” we thought we would sit down to discuss the Bible and its role in evangelization. This course is taught by Dr. Anthony Pagliarini of Notre Dame University and offers the best in biblical […]

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