The Kingdom Is A Wedding Feast

Dear Brothers and Sisters, In the second week of our series on A World Beyond we ponder the beauty of a wedding feast (Mt. 25: 1-13) where the ten virgins represent Christians waiting for Christ.  He may be slow in coming but they must be read more

Love Always Seeks The Lowest Places

Dear Brothers and Sisters, We begin a new series for November entitled, A World Beyond.  The Church gathers on Nov. 1st to celebrate all its saints, named and unnamed, and on Nov. 2nd to celebrate and pray for All Souls who have fallen asleep in read more

Christian Love Is Always Triangular

Dear Brothers and Sisters, In the fourth week of our series Wavelength hopefully we are starting to see that it is not easy to change, to think as a Christian and to be on God’s wavelength.  I hope we are all being challenged to direct read more

Awaken That Divine Image Inside Of You!

Dear Brothers and Sisters, This is the third week of our series called Wavelength which means to change our way of thinking to be more Christian, more like God’s.  We cannot control our thoughts but we can re-direct them and feed ourselves with more healthy read more

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