If You Wish, You Can Make Me Clean

Dear Brothers and Sisters, We heard last week that unintended people benefit from one’s loyalty to God.  We saw it when the mother-in-law of Peter who was burning up with a fever was instantly healed by Jesus even without anyone making a request.  Jesus heals.  read more

Jesus Is The One Who Heals

Dear Brothers and Sisters, Last week our new message series on A Way Forward has generated many comments, and we hope the discussion continues over the next few weeks.  It is an important topic especially in light of what we see in society today.  It read more

A Way Forward

Dear Brothers and Sisters, We begin a new series on sexuality called A Way Forward.  As you know this topic is often polemical and yet there are many core issues that go unknown by many Catholics today, and children are often damaged by this lack read more

Turn Around And See Something Tremendous

Dear Brothers and Sisters, As we have been saying that you and I are always searching for happiness; we have been made for it, and it takes place on many levels.  God wants to give us something even greater than happiness, something that money cannot read more

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