He Holds Things Together

Dear Friends, On this final Sunday of the liturgical year we celebrate Christ the King of the Universe.  It is a recent feast started in 1925 to emphasize that Christ is the center of the world not fascism or communism or politics or anything else popular in those days, which brought only death to millions…
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They Believe In Another World

Dear Brothers and Sisters, The first reading (2 Maccabees 7: 1-2, 9-14) sounds like it could be something that could come to pass today.  It happened a few centuries before Christ.  A general under Alexander the Great, conquered Israel and exerted Greek control and culture upon the area.  It was political domination and imposed Greek…
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Zacchaeus Did Something Silly

Dear Brothers and Sisters, Many consider the book Les Miserables as one of the top ten books of all time.  I loved the music and many years ago read the book.  Jean Valjean is released from serving nineteen years in jail.  Five years for stealing some bread for his starving sister and fourteen more years…
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Mary Teaches Us To Pray!

Dear Friends, Love always seeks the lowest place. The Virgin Mary did this exceptionally and due to her humility she is the greatest of all the saints.  We honor her in a special way in May and in October.  I should have spoken about her sooner this month; however, you can also continue your love…
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How Much More Will God Give You When You Ask

Dear Friends, St. Pope John Paul II thought as a young man that prayer of petition was an immature type of prayer; it was for beginners or young people.  Later on in life he said that every type of prayer includes prayer of petition and we should not be afraid to ask for the simplest…
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The Grateful One Gained Eternal Life

Dear Brothers and Sisters, As we heard last week Jesus wants nothing more than to kindle our faith a little each day so that the small seed grows into a huge tree that gives shade to many. It is a beautiful image of the Church, and of a Christian. Why didn’t Jesus say to the…
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Lord, Increase My Faith!

Dear Brothers and Sisters, I heard recently on a retreat for priests about the importance of being a father to those in the parish.  I had heard this before but it really touched me this time.  The reason for celibacy for priests is not just a practical point but so that priests may truly have…
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The Opposite Of Love Is Indifference

Dear Brothers and Sisters, Last week we were reminded of the fact that we are stewards of all that we have.  Our life, our money, our family, our gifts and abilities are not ours.  They are gifts from God and he will ask us for an account of how we used them.  I made a…
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You Are The Steward Of Your Life!

Dear Brothers and Sisters, Last week we said the lost coin did not know it was lost; it had no feelings and no sense of its purpose.  The lost sheep was more aware of its difficulties and would have cried all night if it was hurt or caught somewhere.  The lost son was very conscious…
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He Is Crazy In Love With You

Dear Brothers and Sisters, The three parables we hear today go to the heart of the spiritual life. God doesn’t want you to jump through hoops to please him.  It is not about earning our way into heave.  God is the one who searches for us. These parables show God’s quest for us.  In many…
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