Draw Near To God And He Will Draw Near To You!

Dear Brothers and Sisters, I hope you gave some thought to the STEPS that we announced last week and that you commit yourself in some way to one of them.  Life in the church ought to have a purpose: to deepen my faith, to learn read more

By Losing Your Life For Christ, You Will Gain It

Dear Brothers and Sisters, We know how frustrated it can be to realize the GPS is taking us in the wrong direction especially if we are already late and the weather is bad.  Or in school we are taking courses that make no sense and read more

The Evils Within Defile A Man

Dear Brothers and Sisters, There are two very different trajectories in the gospel today (Mark 7: 1-8, 14-15, 21-23).  Matthew’s version explains it more graphically when he says that what goes into the mouth passes through the stomach and goes into the latrine.  They’re all read more

Do You Also Want To Go Away?

Dear Brothers and Sisters: This week we finish this fantastic chapter from St. John’s gospel (6: 60-69).  At the beginning of it we saw this amazing miracle of Jesus feeding some 15,000 people with the lunch of one small boy.  It is a good reminder read more

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